Hello! I´m Elin and my mission is to inspire you to go travel! I believe the best way to travel is to challenge the cult of speed – see and live, not just look. Don´t forget to go green, and go slow.I´m a web content editor in science literature by day, world traveler by heart. My passion for travel, a green life style and vegetarian food inspire me to share my rambling around the world with you, to insire you and give you practical tips on how to explore the world in a concious way. Read my full bio.



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AfriTravel Moments - basket_featured

AfriTravel Moments

When you travel to Africa, make sure to bring some patience and humor, and do not expect things to be the way you´re used to! Expect to have fun, though. I have fallen in love with a continent. Africa is a fascinating and diverse continent, which will never stop to surprise me. This post is […]
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Summer salad pomegranate coriander

Summer salad with pomegranate and coriander

Ditch the ready-to-eat salad bags in the supermarket, and make a more colorful and tasty salad from fresh veggies and sweet fruits. Salad is easy and quick to make, and this salad is perfect for the barbecue party, for a picnic in the park or as a healthy lunch or dinner. In this salad I […]
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201Palak paneer at Curry and Ketchup

Where to eat: Curry & Ketchup – Oslo, Norway

Curry & Ketchup in Oslo is always packed with people. Why? because they have delicious food for a price that wont empty your wallet! The restaurant is cosy in a strange way. There is stuff everywhere,its some kind of charming chaos. On the menu you will find tandoori and curries, with some very tasty vegetarian […]
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