10 things to do in Bristol

welcome to bristol
Check out if there are any festivals during your visit

Bristol is buzzing with different festivals all the time – when I visited in May I visited the Vegetarian Festival and the Graffiti Festival. It was also at least three other festivals in town at the same time! Check the festival program to see if there is anything of interest when you plan your trip.

Walk to the top of Cabot tower and have a nice view over the city
The Cabot tower is situated in the public park Brandon Hill. It was finished in 1898, and was built in memory of John Cabot which 400 years earlier set sails and landed in what was later to become Canada. The park itself is a lovely place to have a peaceful walk, and from the top of the tower you have a great view over the city.

Take a guided street art walking tour
Bristol is full of fascinating and good street art, and even though you can find some of it yourself by walking around I would really recommend to take a guided tour – then you will get all of the best and latest art pieces on the walls of Bristol. I went on a walk with WhereTheWall, and our guide was updated on the last news on Bristol graffiti, and could tell us a lot of stories about the street art.

Enjoy the buzzing life by the waterfront
The historical harbor and waterfront of Bristol is so lovely on a sunny day with its buzzing life and several restaurants to choose from if you are up for a drink or a snack. My suggestion: by a falafel in Falafel King, sit down by the waterfront and enjoy life!

Take a self-portrait in the silver mirror globe on Millennium Square
The big mirror globe in Millennium Square is a great place to take a self-portrait for the solo traveler. Inside the globe you can visit the Planetarium and see one of their space shows.

Visit St. Nicolas Market
I love city markets, and this is a charming spot to visit in Bristol. The market is situated in the old city, and is the largest collection of independent traders in Bristol. You can shop and eat delicious food from the stalls, and it is a lively place around lunch time.

Have a delicious dinner at Thali at the old tobacco factory
The area around the tobacco factory is quite charming to walk around in. It is situated south of the river, and is about a 30 minute walk from the city center. Thali is a great Indian restaurant which is always busy, and their specialty is off course the Indian Thali – a dish made up from a variety of different dishes. The vegetarian version is tasty – and I had the best ice cream I´ve ever tasted: ginger ice cream with roasted almonds.

Have a beer at Brew Dog
Brew dog offers a wide selection of draft and bottled beers. If you have a special favorite beer or would like to try some of the specialties of the house this is a great place for a pint – the place also have a good ambience.

Dance to lovely reggae at Cosies
In a basement next to Portland square is Cosies – a café which serves cheap meals during daytime, and a club playing reggae, hip hop, dancehall and drum & base at night. Sundays are reggae nights, and is a great night to hang out here for some dancing and to make some new friends over a drink. Pass by to have a snack and ask the bartenders what is on for the next nights.

Have a walk at the Clifton suspension bridge
The Clifton suspension bridge was built in the 1860´s, and is a distinct landmark in Bristol, commonly seen on postcards and promotional material for Bristol – and with good reason! The bridge is beautiful, spanning over the Avon gorge with a great view in both directions. I loved the ambience of the place when I was walking the bridge at night!

If you have some favorite spots of Bristol, please leave a comment to share!


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