A six course vegetarian meal in Stadscafé de Waagh

salad with figs and goats cheese
Some meals are stuck in your memory forever – this six course vegetarian meal in de Waagh in Nijmegen is one of the meals which is still on my mind! In the stylish, but still cozy restaurant, a group of bloggers were delighted over this gourmet meal – the two young trainee chefs who ruled the kitchen for the night impressed us with their artificial and tasty creations.

The first course was a salad with fresh figs and goat cheese, mixed with rocket salad and decorated with thick and sweet balsamico sauce.

The second course was carpaccio with beet, avocado mayonnaise and pine nuts served with fresh rocket salad.

The broccoli soup with crispy croutons was the third course, simply served in a delicate glass.

The main course was a creation of couscous with vegetables, served with roasted nuts. I loved the mix of the sweet raisins in the couscous with the nuts.

Any good multi course meal contains cheese, and we were served a flavorful cheese they called Ooijse. Compote and nut bread were the perfect companions of the cheese.

I love desserts, and de Waagh served us one of my favorites: cinnamon ice cream with crunchy almond flakes, served with Marike bread.

I hope you get inspiration from the vegetarian creations of these young chefs for your next dinner party!

What is your most memorable gourmet meal from your travels?

Thanks to Visit Holland who invited me to discover Arnhem and Nijmegen after the TBU Rotterdam conference, and thanks to de Waagh for inviting us to enjoy a gourmet meal in their restaurant. Taste of Slow maintains full editorial control of content published on this site, and I always share my honest opinions on all experiences.  



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