A vegetarian Sunday brunch in photos

There is only one thing I love more than a lazy Sunday – a lazy Sunday with friends and delicious food! In an attempt of shaking myself out of the winter laziness I invited some friends over for a Sunday brunch, and we had some lovely hours enjoying  good company and food from different cuisines.

Sunday brunch

However, none of my friends are vegetarians – so how do you put together a great vegetarian brunch which even meat eaters would love? Here is my suggestion!

Buy or bake your favorite bread
My own favorite bread is the Italian focacia.

Make a potato salad from potatoes, spring onion and feta cheese in olive oil.

Potato salad

One of my favorite vegetables! Cut off the top of the okra, wash it and dry it (the drying is important to avoid a “slimy” layer on the outside). Fry the okra in a pan with oil and sprinkle with salt.


Meat balls? No – bean balls!
Bean balls is a favorite of mine, these are made from black beans with sundried tomatoes and basil, served in spicy tomato sauce. They are made from the same recipe as this delicious black bean burgers.

Bean balls in tomato sauce

Crnuchy crostini
Make crostini by cutting thin slices of bread, and cover them with oil and salt. Bake in the oven till crispy. I turn mine once to get both side golden. Serve crostini with a dip – I served guacamole with tomato chunks.

Home made crostini


Tarte flambee
Many friends ask ask me how I make the tarte flambee with chevre – here is the recipe.

Tarte flambee with chevre

I´m a big fan of pancakes. Use your favorite american pancake recipe, and add fresh blueberries to the batter.  I ike frying pancakes in coconut oil. Serve with fresh berries and maple syrup.

Blueberry pancakes

Fig jam and cheese
I got a delicious home mad fig jam with cinnamon and port wine for Christmas, and it is perfect with some cheese and crackers.

Cheeses with home made fig jam

Persian eggplant dish
One of my friends brought a special dish from Iran – it contains eggplant, tomatoes, garlic and eggs, and are served with bread. Absolutely delicious!

Iran vegetarian dish

Not to forget: a pot of steaming hot tea – and the brunch is just perfect!

Pot of tea


What is your favorite dish for a Sunday brunch?



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