Where to eat: Abo Aya – Hurghada, Egypt

One of my favorite foods is falafel, especially the fresh one that you get on the street stalls and local restaurants in many countries. Spicy, soft and with a crisp crust, served with some salad and yoghurt sauce.

When I visited Hurghada, my plan was to go to Gad, a known fast food chain in Egypt. However, on the way into town my taxi driver Ibrahim told me to go to Aba Aya, it was the best falafel in town according to him. When I passed by spice and tea shop in town, the owner Hassan also told me that if I wanted the local´s favorite falafel, Abo Aya was the real deal.

At the entrance of Aba Aya it was lively , and around the corner from the entrance a man was making heaps of fresh falafel. He was smiling and pointing to the door saying “try, try”. So I did. The entrance was crowded, but I made it to the cashier. A man helped me translating my order to the cashier – falafel sandwich and potatoes. I know I paid way to much compared to the local price, but what to do when you have no smaller bills and you don´t speak Arabic? Just go for it, the 20 LE for falafel and coke did definitely not ruin my day.

abo-aya-3Inside was crowded with people waiting for their food. I think I got some special treatment, they pointed for me to go inside, I managed to find a spot by the table, and my food was delivered to me in no time. Lucky me, not having to stand in line shouting with the crowd of hungry guys waiting for their food!

The falafel was delicious, fresh and crisp, served with freshly baked aish (the traditional flat brad in Egypt) and a mix of green salad and herbs.

Should you pass or go in? If you are in Hurghada, make sure you pass by the locals´ favorite falafel spot.

Date for visit: September 2014
Address: Sheraton Rd

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