Who am I?

I´m Elin, an Oslo (Norway) based web publisher who loves to travel and explore the world! I started blogging in 2007, when I had my first solo trip to Thailand. It started as a way to share adventures with family and friends from around the world, and it became a passion and a way of life.


Travel blogging

A passion for communication, travel and a green lifestyle is what inspires me to run this blog. Taste of Slow is my personal blog about my journey around the world to get a feeling of new cultures, and to satisfy my taste buds and get inspiration for cooking delicious vegetarian food. When I travel I prefer to go slow and sustainable, “live like a local”, I travel on a low budget and until recently, I have mostly traveled solo.

My aim is to inspire you to live your dream – and to meet the people and live the culture when you travel. I also aim to make Taste of Slow an excellent resource for green and vegetarian travelers.

Leave nothing but footprints
Take nothing but pictures
Kill nothing but time


From scientist, via gap year – to full time web publisher

I am a scientist by profession with a master in microbiology and food safety, and I worked with research for more than 10 years. Then I needed a change, and I followed my dream. I quit my job, sold most of my stuff and spent a year living on the African continent.

While taking a gap year in Ghana in 2013/14, I studied journalism online, and when returning to Norway I landed a job as a web editor due to my experience in web publishing through blogging, and my experience as a researcher for the same company.

If you have a dream – follow it and catch it while you can!


Taste of Slow
I am the owner and publisher at Taste of Slow, where I share my passion for travel and green life style. I also work actively for travel blogging and bloggers.

Nordic Nomads
I am one of the co-founders of Nordic Nomads – the first Nordic network for travel writers, -photographers and –bloggers.


Spotted by Locals
I am a spotter for Spotted by Locals Oslo. As a local expert I share my favorite spots of Oslo, for other travelers to discover my home town as a local.



Why slow

Slow is all about taking the time to enjoy small pleasures in life, and about stop saving time just for the sake of saving time. It is about challenging the cult of speed, and to enjoy life in the present.

Slow is a mindset, not rules for how you should live your life. It is about discovering your ways to appreciate and enjoy, and how to live life according to your own personal pace.

I tend to follow my heart and live life in my own pace, but it is not always easy. I do have way too many projects, I do make too many plans – and it results in stress and a less happy life. Do you recognize the problem? The best solution then in to slow down, and focus on the things you love the most.

Two of my big passions in life are travel and food culture.

Slow travel encourages you to live the places you visit. When I travel, I try to find ways to interact with and get to know local people, and aim to “live like a local” to the extent that is possible. I prefer to move around by local transport – which has given me a lot of interesting and adventurous experiences! I try to eat at local restaurants off the beaten tourist track – or even better: with local families, and I have worked as a volunteer on different projects. I talk to the people I meet, I share my own experiences, and I listen to their stories.

I love to explore a culture through the local cuisine and food culture – the vegetarian way. I believe in the message of the Slow food-movement which very short is summarized “good, clean and fair food“. I also believe in reducing the intake of all kinds of meat and seafood for the sake of the animals, and for the sake of the environment. On the blog I also share food stories and recipes from all over the world.

This way of travel has given me a lot of lovely memories! I hope my travel blogging will inspire you to enjoy even more of life – and that my content will be useful for your future travels.


Travel, blogging and money

I am not a full time traveler and I have had a full time job beside travel blogging most of the time. A flexible full time job though, which has given me the chance to travel up to three months a year.

Running a travel blog is time consuming, and I have realized that to continue the travel blogging journey I will have to start making some money. The first seven years of blogging I did not make money on my blog, except some few press trips I attended.

Taste of Slow will be monetized to a certain extent, including affiliate links, sponsored content, reviews of travel gear and services, and occasionally ads. However, all monetized content will be in line with the ethical profile of Taste of Slow, and sponsored content will be clearly marked.

Be rest assured that I will never promote content that violent with my green life style or my passion for the environment and animal welfare. All opinions expressed by me will always be honest and my own. You will find more information in the Disclaimer.


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Travel memories

I have such lovely memories from my travels, and I feel I´m growing rich from my experiences. What I love most when I travel, are the people I meet on my way where new friendship bonds are made. I have managed to get kind of settled as one of the few sole mia in the northern part of Ghana, living in 40 degrees for five months – and even getting my own frafra-name: Akula Poka. My year in Ghana is till now my best travel moment – I loved to get the chance to get under the skin of people and their lives. I´ve been watching the stars lying in the sand dunes of southern Sahara listening to the tunes of Festival au Desert, I have been working as a volunteer with waste water management in Kenya, I have got myself a family in Kenya, I have been driving an ambulance 18 200 kilometers from Norway to Mongolia, I have been waking up in my tent in Kyrgyzstan with a view that brings tears to my eyes, I have been dancing to the drums under the trees in a remote village in Mali, I have been dancing all night long in a local club in Bamako, I have visited National Parks in South Africa, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda, I have worked as a volunteer in a vegetarian restaurant in Ghana, – and I have loved every moment of it. Now, travel do also have its downs, and when you travel alone there are for sure moments you wish things were different when you struggle to hang in there or feel lonely and overwhelmed from challenges. Just remember that you will manage and get over it, and some of these experiences make a good story after all. I have been bussing 30 hours straight on a steaming hot bus, with hourly stops by the police looking for bribes. Sound like a nightmare, right? Kind of, but I ended up with a new good friend whom I shared my seat with! Look for possibilities, not limitations!


Updated March 2016