Adventure junkies climbing Mount Afadjato

Most times when I travel I enjoy the flexibility of being a solo traveler – you make your own plans, and you can change the plan last minute if you feel like. However, sometimes I love to join a group to hook up with other people – but I´m careful when I choose the operators for such trips.

During my stay in Ghana I have discovered a travel company which I absolutely like the concept of: once a month they arrange a group tour to some adventurous destination of Ghana, and often they have a theme of the trip. I joined “an adventure for empowerment” with them, and with 26 other people I left Accra early in the morning to climb the highest mountain in Ghana: Mount Afadjato.

The 855 meter high mountain is not exactly impressive in the eyes of a Norwegian, but it was still a challenge to climb it! I was doubtful if I could actually make it, because I´m so afraid of heights! This trip was all about empowerment and overcoming challenges though, and we were encouraged to do our best to conquer the mountain!

From the start point you walk through the green forests towards the foot of the mountain, and then you reach the sign where you branch either to Afadjato or to the Tagbo waterfalls. Shortly after you reach the end point of the vertical part of this trip – and the rest of the trip is steep upwards, partly on loose stones and rock, partly on slippery dirt ground. At some parts you have to grab any rock and tree you see to pull yourself up, others are fairly walkable – but still steep! I don´t think I had reached half way before I started thinking “what the heck am I doing”, but my own determination to reach the top along with encouragement from the people walking down from the top kept me going….and going…. Then finally, about an hour after starting the walk, I could see the top!

I was totally exhausted as I collapsed on the top, but the feeling of finally getting there and making jokes with the other people made it a great moment. After a while we were all there, and each and every one got their empowerment beads: the black beads symbolize all the hard work in life, and the golden stone symbolize the ultimate reward when you reach your goals.

After a rest it was time to return down the slippery paths. The descending was, if possible, even more challenging than going up – and as it started to rain before I was down I had to slide on my butt for some parts because I was too afraid of falling. It was one wet and dirty woman who returned to the bus!

When you think the real adventure is over, then think again….after waiting more than two hours for one missed participant of the trip we could finally start driving to return to the hotel. Due to the heavy rain the roads was muddy, and at one point our bus got stuck on a bridge with one tire off the ground. I´m sure two persons would have solved this problem in a short while. However, with 26 people all having good ideas they wanted to express, we were stuck in the mud for a few hours before the bus finally moved again – and we returned to our base for the night and a late night dinner.

The next day we enjoyed the facilities of hotel Afrikiko – a lovely breakfast with a view of the lake, followed by swimming, games and networking by the pool. Before we headed back to Accra we also had some fun climbing the rocks in the Shai Hills nature reserve and having a barbecue lunch.

For my veggie friends: Adventure Junkies will cater for you, Kofi personally made sure that I got my veggie food – just make sure to book your special meals in advance.

Check out to stay updated on the next adventure – I will definitely join them again!

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