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When you travel to Africa, make sure to bring some patience and humor, and do not expect things to be the way you´re used to! Expect to have fun, though.

I have fallen in love with a continent. Africa is a fascinating and diverse continent, which will never stop to surprise me. This post is a tribute to this continent, with a humorous twist. Despite the lovely and hospitable people, the exciting and wonderful food and the beautiful landscapes, some things may just drive a Norwegian scientist brain crazy! I hope you will have a good laugh, and I hope it may inspire you to let go of any control, and travel out there do discover the diversity it has to offer.

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I have been living in Ghana for the past year, half of the time in the capital Accra, followed by five months on the country side of the small town Bolgatanga in the very north. Most of my moments are based on my experiences in Ghana.

AfriTravel Moments……

When you realize that the swarm of bugs on the bench is not marching towards your bag of oat meal – they are escaping from it because it´s too crowded in there

When you realize that “I´m coming” actually means “I´m going, but I will be back (at some point)”

When your friend calls you and asks you “hey, there´s a funeral coming up, one of my relatives died, you want to join us?”

-When “eeehhhh” in different tone layers becomes your most common response to any question or comment

When you feel really lazy because you´re still in bed 7 in the morning (your neighbors have been up since 5)

When you do all your daily shopping from the plates and baskets on the head of people you pass on the street

20140825 - afritravel moments - basket

When your preferred spray-and-wipe “soap” is Raid insect killer

When you realize that “the other day” may refer to a few days ago, but it may as well mean a day last year

When you´re on the back of your friends motorbike with a chicken in your lap, on the way to the village healer

When you start giving directions by “just up there” and “it´s just down that road”

When you tell everyone around you “you´re invited” every time you eat something

When you smile when you see the bus you are catching, cause it has both windows and doors

20140825 - afritravel moments - bus

When you eat all your meals from plastic bags or newsprint

When it becomes all natural to eat just about anything, including soup, with your hands

When your neighbors have a funeral, and play extremely loud music for three days and nights

When you tell your friends at home that “it´s nice and cool today, it´s just 38 degrees”

When you get overwhelmed by happiness every time you turn on the shower, and the water is running

When you are dirty, sweaty and nothing worked out the way you planned your day – but still you feel great, you fall asleep with a smile on your face – and your heart tells you that you´re in the right place


Make sure to pay a visit to Meruschka, who started the hashtag #AfriTravel to make it easy to follow travel content from Africa for all of us who´s fallen in love with this fascinating and diverse continent – and also for those of you who´s curious to go.

Do you have any #AfriTravel moments? Please share in the comment field!

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