Amadou and Mariam in Oslo – lovely memories from Mali

When I visited Mali in 2011 music, dance and African rythms filled most of my days. I worked as a volunteer at Festival au Desert in Timbuctou, and after the festival I joined a workshop of African dance and drums arranged by Sidiki Camara for three weeks. I really loved my time in Mali, and found West-Africa so much more relaxed than East-Africa – the hassle in the streets here was almost non-existing compared to Kenya. Now that said, Kenya is still a wonderful place, and still my No. 1!

Back to the concert. While staying in Bamako there was a free festival at the Palais de la Culture: des Voix de Bamako. At the end of the night I was there, the crowd was ecstatic when the well-known couple Amadou & Mariam entered the stage. It was for sure a great concert, and all in all a good evening!

After being stuck in Oslo for a year now working up money and vacation for my next adventure, I try to get some inputs from the world. I was so happy when I booked the tickets for Amadou & Mariam, which played at Cosmopolite in Oslo the 29th of March. I had a wonderful evening with a friend I met in Mali – imagine, way out “in the bush” in the small village of Sanankoroba, I met a Norwegian girl who happened to live in my neighbourhood! A small world indeed.

Amadou & Mariams new album”Folila” got a five out of six in a review from Oslopuls, and if you´re into African rythms you will probably love their music. Such lovely memories awakened from the slow days in Africa, from the dusty, polluted and hot but wonderful Bamako. I love to dream away when I listen to music – and for a few moments I was back in the crowd at Palais de la Culture, not dancing on a concrete floor in Oslo.


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