Black bean burgers with coriander and red pepper

black bean burgerThe vegetarian patties that is the essence of a veggie burger, has existed in various forms for decades in the Eurasian cuisine. In Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine it is common with patties and veggieballs like falafel, and vegetarian burgers are now commonly found in many parts of the world.

What I love about vegetarian burgers, is that when you first get a hang of it and find the secret mixture of a burger that sticks together, you can prepare it just about any way you want. Mix and match with different beans and lentils, add left overs like vegetables or bread and use any spices and herbs you have available. If you include eggs in your diet, one egg will often solve the problem of crumbling burgers. In this vegan recipe I use chickpea flour, and for extra texture you can also add psyllium husk fibre.

In Norway we have barbecue parties in the green parks or at home as soon as the temperature allow us to, and these burgers with red pepper and coriander are perfect for the barbecue.

Ingredients for four big burgers (150g each):
– 150 grams dried black beans (300g canned)
– 1 handful coriander
– ½ red onion
– ½ red pepper
– 2 cloves garlic
– 1 handful oat meal
– 2 big tbs. chickpea flour
– 2 tsp psyllium husk fiber (optional)
– a squeeze of lemon juice
– salt and pepper to taste
– oil for frying

black bean burgers

Soak the beans overnight and boil until soft. I often boil a lot of beans at the same time, and then freeze them for next time I need some (I´m not a big fan of canned beans, but you can use it). Mix the boiled beans with all the other ingredients and mash it with a hand blender or in a kitchen machine. Choose yourself if you want it abit chunky, or if you want a smooth batter. I prefer it chunky for burgers. The batter should be easy to work with without cracking when you squeeze it, but not to firm – then your burgers will become dry.

Cool down the batter in the fridge for at least 30 minutes, and form four burgers. Fry in oil for about 10 minutes on each side. Be patient before you turn the burgers the first time so they have a firm crust on one side, and you will avoid them falling apart.

Serve with burger bread, sauce of choice, rocket salad (ruccola), tomato and red onions – I also love baked potato boats and guacamole with my burgers.

vegetables and baked potato boats

There are unlimited variations with veggies and spices you add instead of coriander and red pepper – try with sun dried tomatoes and basil to get a taste of Italy, or with chili, lime and coriander to get a taste of Thailand.

Do you have a favorite veggie burger? Feel free to share a link to the recipe via the comments.


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