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For a few months now, I have needed to take a break from blogging. It was a difficult decision I made this summer, after struggling with writing for months. I see now that it was the best decision I could have made at that moment; a few months without thinking about writing, blog posts and social media has been wonderful. Now the urge to share my adventures and inspire you to choose responsible and sustainable  travel options is back!

When writing feels more like a burden than like joyful, I have realized there is no reason to push myself. I have been blogging since 2007, first as a seasonal blogger sharing my adventure while I was traveling, and for the last years aiming to become more professional and be more consistent in posting and building a social media presence. However – sometimes life is just too hectic, and to be honest, there are much more important things in life than being consistent about blogging!

That amazing thing called life
During my break months I had some amazing things happening, and I did a quite different journey than I normally do – being a tour guide for 11 family members and friends in Ghana!

I also had my worst flight ever just a few weeks back! It was not due to the flight or the company at all, but due to sickness. I got a bad cold my last week of travelling, which evolved to sinusitis – which you all understand is very uncomfortable during a flight. Because of the change of pressure during the flight and not being able to equalize the pressure, I also ended with motion sickness – and to be honest I am not looking forward to my next flight after this experience!

Blogging and growing Nordic Nomads
Now I aim to be back in business, and get back to posting at least two times a month. You can expect some posts from my great peace of spirit trip in Spain after I attended TBEX Costa Brava earlier this year, and there are more to come from Ghana and my experience touring with family members and friends in my second home country.

Our Nordic travel blogger collaboration Nordic Nomads is also evolving and growing. Next week we will be have a presentation on an event in Oslo by PATA about how small travel companies can use travel blogging to boost their business, and we have some exciting potential collaborations.

Next trip: Visiting Costa Rica
In just a few weeks I will be on the road again, I am visiting Central America for the first time! I am attending a press trip with a focus on sustainable travel and community projects by the Costa Rica tourism authorities, and I am so excited for this opportunity!


We will visit several Eco destinations in Costa Rica, and I will mainly visit the South Caribbean coast and the national park Tortuguero. I am especially excited we will visit a research centre for tropical agriculture research – after all, the biologist and researcher in me is still alive!

I am also very excited to meet people from a new culture, and to explore the vegetarian cuisine of a brand new food culture. I have still not had time to do much research on the food culture and restaurants in Costa Rica – but I hope I will find some time to visit some great vegetarian places, and find some vegetarian local specialities.

I hope you will follow along on my adventures!


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I´m an Oslo based web publisher with passion for communication, travel and a green lifestyle. When I travel, I prefer to go slow, sustainable, and “live like a local”. Why slow? It is about challenging the cult of speed, and to enjoy the small things in life and to live in the present.

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