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Aioli – including a vegan version

Aioli is a cold sauce from the areas around Catalonia and Valancia in Spain. The  sauce is made of garlick, eggs, olive oil and salt.  Many people also use lemon, even though it is not included in the original recipe. Aioli is commonly served as a tapas dish, and tastes good with bread and as […]

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Focaccia is an Italian, flat yeast bread with oil, often made with herbs.  This recipe gives a fluffy and tasty bread, with a crunchy crust. Serve it with salds,  aioli, pesto and tapenade, or make a delicious sandwich. It is also suitable for situations with limited kitchen facilities. If you have an oven, this is […]

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Ugali na sukuma wiki from Kenya

One of the most common staple food in Kenya is ugali na sukuma wiki. It is a common meal for many Kenyans because it is cheap. Ugali is an East African dish made from maize flour, and is cooked to a thick porridge or dough-like texture. To my knowledge, ugali is the most common staple […]

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