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Mongolia Rally Diary – The route

33 days before. Going from England to Mongolia gives you the opportunity to explore large parts of the Eurasian continent! There are several opportunities for the route, depending on your goal: you want to drive as short as possible, or you want to see as much as possible? My team agreed: we want to see […]

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Mongolia Rally Diary – The Cooking Charity Chicks is born

44 days before. The team was set, and we all had ideas and dreams about this trip. How should we get the money to do implement the idea to reality? How do we get a sponsor? What kind of a car do we need? Which causes do we want to support? We focused on the […]

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Mongolia Rally Diary – From dream to reality

55 days before. I was so excited the first time I heard about the charity rally which cross 1/3 of Earth´s surface. Within a few days I had read everything I could find about the rally, and I had decided: I have to do this! Finding adventurous companions should be easy I thought – who´s […]

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