Chocolate orange French macarons

 macronsThe art of French macrons is all about using Italian meringue and to dry them properly before baking.

While traditional meringue is made from egg white and sugar (sometimes also salt and lemon), the Italian meringue is made from egg white and sugar syrup. It gives you a stable meringue which will never fall apart.

According to the French macron specialist Dorie Greenspan the macron “must have a ‘foot’, a crackly ringlet that surrounds the flat side. The outer shell is thinner than an eggshell but has an eggshell-like quality. Poking through the shell gives way to soft, almost-meringue texture”.

Chocolate and orange is typical Norwegian Easter snack when you go skiing or enjoy the sun by your cottage in the mountains. I´m not a fan of snow and prefer city life during Easter (if I haven´t escaped to the African continent to beat the winter) – and I serve my city friends chocolate and orange the French way.

Ingredients for about 30 macrons:
– 125 g sugar
– 0,25 dl water
– 1 egg white
– 5 drops lemon
– a pinch of salt

Whip the egg white in a bowl with lemon and salt. Sugar and water are boiled to 118°C (if you don´t have a thermometer, boil until it thickens and you can form a soft ball of the syrup after dipping it into cold water on a spoon). Pour the sugar syrup in a thin stream into the whipped egg white, while continuously whipping. Whip until cool and firm.

Ingredients for the dough:
– 1 egg white
– 70 g almond flour
– 70 g flour sugar
– 2 tbs cocoa powder

Mix the ingredients in a bowl. The mix is supposed to be rather firm. Add ¼ of the meringue to this mix, and mix gently. Then add the rest of the meringue, and mix gently until all is mixed – but don´t mix it too much. Add the batter into a pastry bag and pipe it onto the baking sheets forming circles. I made a template of circles on a piece of paper which I keep under the baking sheet to get the same size and shape of the macrons. Let the macrons rest for about 30-60 minutes before you bake them at 150°C for 12-15 minutes. Put an extra baking plate under the plate with the cakes and bake them in the middle of the oven. Let them cool down on a cold surface before you remove them from the baking sheet.

Ingredients for orange cream cheese filling:
– 70 g cream cheese
– 70 g butter
– 70 g flour sugar
– a squeeze of orange juice
– grated peel from ½ orange
– yellow icing color

Mix the ingredients together. Pair up two and two macarons together with a small spoon of cream filling in between. Then it´s time to enjoy the success, and let the sweet treats melt in your mouth.



Cream cheese filling with coconut: 70 g cream cheese, 70 g flour sugar, 1-2 tbs grated coconut

Coco-choco butter cream: 1 egg, 80 g powdered sugar, 50 g butter, 50 g white chockolate, 30 g coconut, icing colour. Mix the egg and the powdered sugar together until it is fluffy. Add room temeratured butter, melted white chocolate and coconut. Add color to the cream if you like. I added the same color as the macrons.  Let the cream cool down in the fridge until it has a firm consistence.

What is your favorite flavor of french macrons?


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