Mongolia Rally Diary – Day 2. France – Saint Maximine to Annecy.

Day 2. The second day we continued south in France towards Annecy. What we discovered in France is that they are good at toll roads – and it is expensive to drive there! The roads are great though, and you can leave behind you quite some distance in a short time. Let´s just enjoy these roads while we can.

Day two was mostly motorways, except from a stop in Sans for a lunch. Sunday most restaurants are closed in France, or close very early – but we managed to find a Pat a Pain to buy some fresh bread, and with the cheese which Audrey had sent with us and some tomatoes we had a great picnic by a river. Ok – I have to admint, I also had some french macrones….:)

After some hours of drive we had the first problem with the car: the cigarette charger in front stopped working, and we discovered that our GPS have a rather non-existing battery capacity. Checking the connection and changing the “sikring” gave no results. Result: GPS in the back of the car for charging (oh yes, we have not less than six electricity plugs in the back)– which involves all three of us in the driving: one in the back following the GPS and shouting to the passenger in the front, which then tells the driver where to go. I wouldn´t call it an ideal solution.

We arrived late in Annecy and had to start the hunt for a hotel. It´s weird: in all towns you usually see hotels or hostels all over the place – but we struggled, and ended up in a hotel far outside our budget. They allowed us to be three in a double though – as long as we brought our own mattress for number three. We also had lots of space to dry our laundry – so it was not a bad deal after all. Ending the day with no dinner, but the leftovers from this morning´s breakfast in bed and then falling asleep. Two of us in a comfy hotel bed, one camping on the floor.

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