Eating vegetarian in Africa – mission impossible?

Many people wonder if eating vegetarian when they travel in on the African continent will be difficult, or even impossible. I promise you, it is not! You may even find some new favorite food!

I have been traveling in different parts of the African continent, and I have never starved on my journey to taste veggie options around Africa. I will off course admit that not all of my meals have been really exciting, not even tasty – but I have always been able to find food, no matter how rural places I go to. And I have definitely moved off the beaten path! Still, even in the rural areas, eating vegetarian in Africa is not a huge problem. You cannot always be picky though….

localfoodspotiledegoreesenegalI have spent months in Kenya, moving around from East to West, from South to North. I have briefly visited Tanzania, and spent three weeks in Uganda. I have worked as a volunteer at Festival au Desert in Mali, and learned African dance in the shadow of the large trees in Sanankoroba. I have been to Senegal, and I have eaten my way through South-Africa, where the veggie food was SO good. The last year I have been living in Ghana, five months in the capital Accra, followed by five months in the northern city Bolgatanga. Even in the meat eating Ghana I am able to eat vegetarian, but I think it may be the most difficult country so far, despite the fact that I know it quite well by now.

moyo - bobotie and carrots

I was asked by my friend ChefAfrik to write up a guest post for her blog about my experience of eating vegetarian food in Africa. I find the post quite helpful for my readers too – so I decided to share it with all of you, and I hope it will encourage you are some of your friends to go for it and travel to Africa, even if you are worried about your veggie diet.

You find the full post at ChefAfrik – happy eating and happy travel!

If you want to cook some African food, make sure you check out the links in the end of the post at ChefAfrik, or try some of my recipes from Ghana and Kenya:
Groundnut soup
Chapati ala Amon

What is the best vegetarian food you´ve ever had when travelling in Africa?



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