Egerton Univeristy, traditional kenyan food and labwork

Egerton University is situated about 25 km outside Nakuru town. The way of travelling from Nakura is by matatus, and they pass all the time, and leave when they are full- or more than full. It is the way of moving around everywhere, and I start getting used to it. They almost throw you into it, and there is a lot of shouting and banging on the car when they try to fill it up. I asked James – what is the purpose of this banging on the car all the time? He just laughed and said its just the matatu-madness. The cars are supposed to carry 15 people including the driver, but 23 is ok. There is always room for one more in a matatu, and if the police are along the road you bribe then and keep driving.

My sunday in Egerton was very relaxed. I had a walk taking some photos of the university area, and then I went to visit Kennedy and his family for lunch. His wife have been taking a course in cooking, and I had a very nice lunch with traditional kenyan food with a lot of vegetables! There is no concerns of not eating meat in Kenya, there is so much fresh vegetables, and its really good! So Im still not starving, but I have had some weird combinations a few times – f ex chips, cabbage and fried eggs.

I have also been in the lab with Laura, she is doing her diploma in analyzing greywater from different sources. The lab facilities are so different from what Im used to! Most of the time you work is used to clean and sterilize the equipment you have to use, everything is reused. But it was an interesting experience to see how things are done here, and hopefully I will be able to do some more analysis when James get some of his wetlands for treating the greywater up running.

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