Farro salad from Umbria

During my week in Umbria in Italy I had so much great food and wine – no surprise though, as we visited three wineries and one organic farm. At the first winery we visited, Terre Margaritelli, we were warmly welcomed by the couple Federico from Italy and his wife Jennifer from Philadelphia.

Farro salad

Jennifer is a chef, and has specialized in traditional Umbrian food. She had made us a heavenly meal, served in the open air with a view over the vineyards. I´m sure the food will never ever taste as good as it did here with all the perfect wines accompanying the food – but it´s worth a try!

Here is Jennifer´s recipe for Insalata di Farro.

– 400g Farro / spelt
– 3 small, sliced spring onions
– 1 grated carrot
– 10 spears asparagus, lightly boiled, and cut into small pieces
– ½ small cauliflower, boiled, and cut into small pieces
– salt
– red wine vinegar
– extra virgin olive oil

Boil the farro in salted water until tender, about 20 minutes. Meanwhile assemble the vegetables in a large bowl.  When the farro is cooked, drain, and add to the bowl with the vegetables. Add salt, vinegar and olive oil to taste. Chill in the refrigerator at least one hour and serve.

Wines of Terre Margaritelli

The salad was served with Torta al Testo, a traditional Umbrian flat bread. You can read about Jennifers experiments with this bread and get the recipes at her blog Life Italian Style.

torta al testto

This recipe is shared with the permission from Jennifer at Life Italian Style. Thanks to the Umbria Tourist Board for inviting me to explore the region of Umbria after the Travel Bloggers Unite Conference 2012.

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