Finding my way in that crazy matatu place and lunch with James´ family

Sunday I had my first challenge – to get from the city center to Ngong on my own for lunch with James’ family. I have to admit I was abit sceptical when I got close to the noisy matatu place by the train station. To get an impression of what I´m talking about, take a lokk HERE. Everybody tries to get you into their car so thay can leave when the car is full, so I stayed focuses: first find number 111, and get off at Zambia busstop. A bit confusing and its very hot riding a overcrowded matatu for 45 minutes, but I got there, and James met me as promised. All though it seems pretty disorganized, I later found out that there is a rather good system of finding out where to go to get where in Nairobi, take a look HERE to learn more about the public transport in Nairobi.

I had a nice lunch with James and his family, his wife had cooked several dishes and the food was great. His two daughters were so cute, but quite shy when a stranger entered the house. After a nice meal I left with James for Nakuru and Egerton University. That is the place he works, and the place I´m going to volunteer for some weeks.

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