First glimpse of Costa Rica – Volcano Poás

After driving on winding mountain roads with the talkative travel guide Costas, getting the whole history of the sustainable travel focus in Costa Rica, we parked the car and started to walk towards Volcano Poás. He told me that it is one of the most visited volcanos in Costa Rica, due to the easy access – and after walking for only a few minutes, I could smell sulfur.

Volcano Poas by Taste of Slow_1500px

I had been warned that we may not be able to see the volcano at all, as it is often covered with clouds. As we approached the view point, Costas told me to hurry up – the dense clouds already hovered in over the volcano lake. A few minutes later, the magical moment of seeing my first volcano was over.

“You were lucky today”, he told me as we were returning to the car. It was my very first experience of Costa Rica, and I still had a whole week left to explore more of the country. I was indeed lucky. My first day, I spent with a great guide, and I got a short but magical glimpse of Volcano Poás.

The volcano is situated at a height of 2300 meters, and the volcano lake is one of the world´s most acidic lakes – sometimes reaching a pH of almost 0. Hence, there is minimal or no aquatic life in the lake.

Close to the active crater, about 1 hours walk, you can visit the inactive crater Lake Botos, with a lake surrounded by a beautiful cloud forest.

More stories to come from Costa Rica!

I visited Costa Rica attending a press trip in collaboration with Futuropa. As usual, I maintain full editorial control of the content published, and all opinions and reflections are my own.



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