Friedrichshain Berlin – the local and vegan way

Joining Maja for a vegan food tour in Berlin was a great experience – not only does she show you the most delicious places to eat, she also shares her love for the city and its history.

To be honest, it is not often I choose to join a tour or a group when I travel, but when it comes to vegetarian or vegan food tours and cooking classes to learn about local cuisine, I actually prefer to do it with a group. I really appreciate meeting like-minded people, or not-like-minded people with whom I have something in common.

Local knowledge

Maja is a vegan Berlin local, with passion for health, sustainability and the environment. She is an expert on healthy nutrition and a scientist, and the last years she has involved in organizing vegan and vegetarian events in Berlin – and she runs the Vegan Food Tour Berlin.

– I put my heart into the vegan tour project, and it is truly worth it when I get lovely emails from people who attended the tours, Maja tells me.

She adds that the running the food tours is not all about vegan food.

– It is about having fun together, to share food, time and thoughts. I love to inspire people, and I can combine to share my favourite food spots with storytelling about Berlin and its urban culture.


The popular and trendy Friedrichshain area

This area was a former working class district, which was a part of the eastern side of Berlin. When you walk in the area, the architecture from the time of DDR still remains. After the fall of the wall, many abandoned buildings became squats, and due to the people settling in the squats, alternative cultures settled and evolved in Friedrichshain.

– The area is now becoming more popular, especially the streets around Boxenhagen Platz, where there are flea market and food market during the weekends, Maja tells us, as we pass the busy square full of treasure hunting people.

The famous Simon Dach Strasse is attracting tourists with its many bars and attractive nightlife. Another attraction, one of the highlights of the alternative culture – popular among locals as well as visitors, is the area around RAW flee market. This is an area with true industry charm with street art, graffiti, clubs, bars, skating hall and the flea market. You can also find the independent contemporary gallery Urban Spree, and the urban food market Neue Heimat.

Friedrichshain urbanspree

Everything a vegan heart desires

Beside the interesting history of Friedrichshain which reflects Berlin´s diversity, there are many great places to eat – including vegan and vegetarian options. Vegan sweets like ice cream and cakes are also available several places.

Emma Pea serves vegan and vegetarian street food. Nil is Sudanese, a small charming restaurant with good food. Lauuma, Yoyou and Ohlàlà all serve exclusively vegan food.

Maja used to work in the Goura Pakora which servers vegan Indian food. Falafel is 3.90 Euro, and a two person Thali is 16.90 Euro.

Goodies Berlin became my favourite during my short stay, and I became addicted to the hottie ginger almond steamer. They serve a selection of healthy food like sandwiches, wraps, salad and ready to heat meals.

– Everything in Goodies is vegan, but even meat eaters love the food there – it just tastes natural and good, says Maja.

Friedrichshain food

Top three vegan in Berlin

On the question about the top three restaurants in Berlin, Maja hesitates – there are so many good places to choose between!

Viasko in Kreuzberg has a cosy atmosphere. There are books to read, great food, and you can sit inside or outside. The Bowl in Friedrichshain is a new and “clean eating” restaurant, with beautiful interior and serves simple, healthy food. The third one…… that is hard, there are so many restaurants I love…. So let´s say Daluma in Mitte, which is rather a café than a restaurant, but they serve both lunch and dinner. I love their fresh juices!

Explore the vegan side of Berlin with Maja

Getting the local touch of everything when exploring a new city is such a good experience, and I really loved the walk with Maja and the rest of the group. If you like to meet new people, this is also a great opportunity!

– I made new friends from all over the world through the food tours, and sometimes I even get invites to visit my new friends´ home countries, Maja says.

She also run food tours in Kreuzberg and Neukölln.

Facts and practical information

Culinary vegan food tours in Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Neukölln.
Run on voluntary basis by the local vegan woman Maja.

Get in touch for the upcoming tours:
Vegan Tours Berlin on Facebook

Tours in English, and last for 2-3 hours.
The tours are arranged on donation basis – so food and drinks are not included.

Please remember: Tours run on donation basis, is run by enthusiasts who love to help other people to discover the charm and secret gems of their city – but they are also trying to make a decent living out of it. Be kind and pay them some for the effort!

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