One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

To see the magnificent structures of the ancient pyramids in Egypt has been a dream of mine. I´m amazed that they managed to build these enormous constructions by hand, and a few weeks ago I was finally able to visit the pyramids of Giza.

Elin by the pyramids

The Great Pyramid of Giza, also known as the Pyramid of Khufu, is the oldest and the largest intact pyramid of the three in the Giza Necropolis in Cairo. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It is believed to be built as a tomb of Pharaoh Khufu (pharaoh is the name of the ancient kings of Egypt). It is believed to be constructed year 2584 – 2561 BC, and the stone mass it is built of is even more amazing than the age of it. The mass off this pyramid is estimated to be 5.9 million tons, and is 146.5 meters high. Imagine that it consists of estimated 2.3 million blocks, and when you see them close up you can see that this is large blocks. I am amazed!



Soak up the ancient wonder
I wish that it would have been easier to walk around and soak up the historical atmosphere when I visited this site – but the amount of other visitors and the hectic hustlers trying to make business from tourists efficiently kill any chance of staying in your own world for long.

However, if you spend some time there, you will be able to walk off on your own, and the hustlers will eventually give up if you firmly show you do not want company. Spending some time in peace to truly get a feeling of a wonder like this, still intact from ancient times – it gave me a special feeling.

The great sphinx of Giza
Among the pyramids you find the largest and most famous sphinx; the mythical creature with the head of a human and the body of a lion, sometimes also with wings of a bird. Sphinxes are generally associated with architectural structures such as royal tombs or religious temples – and one of them is found among the pyramids in Giza.


Be aware!
The hustlers by the pyramids is aggressively trying to make you buy souvenirs or to take a ride on their camel. If you want to buy some souvenirs, you will off course know that they are way more expensive at the main tourist spots – but if they are worth it to you, go ahead and shop. Just be sure to avoid the men with the camels who claim it is “free” to take a photo with their camel, they will chase you to the moon and back to make you pay afterwards!


Lunch tips:
If you are hungry after visiting the pyramids, you will find Mercure Cairo Le Sphinx hotel close by. I enjoyed a tasty selection of local meze from their restaurant – and it was really delicious!


Have you been to Egypt? What did you truly enjoy about the country?

I visited Egypt in co-operation with the Egyptian Tourist Authorities. Taste of Slow maintains the full editorial control of the content published on this site, and all opinions are my own.


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