Going solo: first stop Chiang Mai

I left Phuket at Saturday, and headed for Chiang Mai – it was time to go solo.

So – my first half of the vacation is over, and now I´m on my own for three weeks! It´s abit scary, it is the very first time I travel alone, and the feeling of lonelyness was terrifying the moment I put my bag down in my room when I arrived Chiang Mai. Then I took a walk and had a thai massage, walked in the night street market, met some other travellers and had a beer – so now I realize that I will survive. I´m even convinced that I will enjoy!

Next up is the Elephant Nature Park – I will get to their office and continue to the park tomorrow morning. So next time I´m blogging it will just be a bunch of photos of cute elephants! Now I´m going back to my kind of crappy but clean room where I guess the sound level is like last night: a jazz concert from one side and a reggae concert from the other window (with no glass) – both of them loudly enough to force through my ear plugs.

How did you feel the very first time you travelled alone? Did you enjoy it from the very start, or did it take some time to get used to it?

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