Hell´s Gate National Park

Hell´s Gate National Park is situated about 50 km from Nakuru. The park is special because it lets you walk, hike bicycle and camp inside – I was there only for a short daytrip, so I didn´t get the chance to do it though…Me and Veronica went by motorbikes, we hired some guys with bikes in Naivasha to take us to the park. However, when we got there we discovered that the motorbikes were not allowed in the park…but we were lucky and a couple gave us lift in the park up to the gorge, and we had a guided tour with them. The guide told us to get ready for climbing, sliding, get dirty and wet. And we sure did! We had a wonderful walk with lots of fun, and I´m really amazed that this small guide of ours were able to drag us up all the steep parts! We had a wonderful day of adventure in the park.

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