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Did you know that already three weeks into 2015, 49 rhinos were poached in South-Africa? Their horn is currently valued at $65 000 per kg! In an interview with Dereck Joubert from Rhinos Without Borders by Green Global Travel, it is stated that poaching of Rhinos for their horn have reached catastrophic levels, and one Rhino is poached every 7 hours.

Being able to observe wild animals in their natural habitat is an amazing experience. I have been fortunate enough to see rhinos several times. The first time was in Nakuru National Park in Kenya, followed by several sights on Maasai Mara. They look so slow and peaceful, at the same time they look quite scary!


A rhino was also the reason for my heart beating like a jungle drum on an early morning safari in Kruger in South-Africa. We passed a rhino that was hidden in the bush just a few meters from us. It was obviously not happy about having us around and charged at the jeep – but a professional guide scared it to stop and the driver was quick to get us going.



The rhino population

Of the about 26 000 Rhinos left on the African continent, South-Africa holds about 80% of them. Despite that using rhino horn for medicine has been illegal since 1993, still a lot of people around the world, especially in Asia, believe in rhino horn curing many ailments.

Rhinos Without Borders is currently working on a plan to move 100 Rhinos from South-Africa to Botswana. Moving a wild animal weighing more than three tons is a challenge though, and it will take a lot of resources to implement the plan.

Joubert from Rhinos Without Borders says in the interview that $45 000 is the cost of moving one single Rhino. The ambition is to re-populate the Rhino in the wild in Botswana. They will do this by moving them to a variety of secret locations in Botswana over a period of four or five months.

Botswana is chosen because it has one of the most robust anti-poaching efforts in Africa.


#JustOneRhino campaign

The #JustOneRhino campaign is an initiative by Travelers Building Change. By donating to this fundraising campaign, you buy entries in a raffle – the more you donate, the more entries you get – and the more chances to WIN!

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Numerous sponsors have joined the campaign, and more than 20 winners will enjoy prizes for the value of more than $30 000! Over 120 travel bloggers are joining the fundraising campaign and blogging about #JustOneRhino.



The prizes

JustOneRhino Sponsor Graphic
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