Kampala – volunteering with DED Uganda for two weeks

We arrived Kampala and the traffic jam just before seven, and got a matatu to Muyenga were the office of DED is, and also the guesthouse were I would stay. Just arriving and departing town took us between one and two hours!

I immediately liked my guesthouse, a big room with a balcony, and a kitchen were I could prepare my own food! Its ok to eat in restaurants, but for breakfast I prefer bread, juice and coffe, and its not always available. The next day I met Ina, shes the coordinator of the sanitation part in DED Uganda. She took me to Owino market, a crowdy but nice place with lots of interesting things to see! I dont do any shopping here, I just get very irritated when people dont let me alone when Im looking, so I end up with nothing. Except from really fresh fruits and vegetables!

The first weekend was very nice, I had dinner at Inas house and the Sunday I met a lot of her friends when they came over for table tnnis and a barbecue. She live in a house also in Muyenga, close to the office. And she have a cat and a dog, I like it! One of her housemates were going away for a week, so I was offered to live in his room when he was away – much better than a guesthouse! So Im very happy with the accomondation. The area is also nice, kind of upperclass and a lot of NGO’ s and embassies around. And a lot of white people, and restaurants with food I know like indian, chinese and italian. My stay here is very different from Kenya, here I only meet white people who live here to work. I have a really nice time and enjoy my stay, but I still miss Kenya a bit. Its interesting to learn more about the work of DED, they have five different areas where they work with sanitation – Busia were I spent a week is one of them. I dont really do much like hard work, but I get to read a lot, ask questions and learn more about how things work here. The first week really went too fast, and the thursday night I went to the Red Chili guesthouse to spend the night before I left for a trip to Murchinson falls over the weekend.

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