Life changes – gap year on the road.

I am very excited when I write this blog post – I write it just after getting home from my very last day at work! Home will soon not be my home anymore, the last weeks I have sold most of my stuff, packed some selected things in boxes and sent off for storage – and today I will have a goodbye party with my friends at Månefisken, one of my favorite bars in Oslo.

So what am I up to? I will finally take a gap year and explore the world! I will try to combine to be a local and a traveler, a digital nomad, an adventurer, a writer, an online journalism student and a blogger. I know, it will be quite a hectic schedule, but I guess that is how I like living my life. I love working, I love writing, I love travelling and getting to know new cultures – and now I will get it all.

Wednesday I land in Accra, and from there everything is open. I have a place to stay for a few days, and then I will start hunting for a new home. I will be based in Accra for the next five months, and I´m looking forward to finally have enough time in a new place to get a chance to settle somehow. I will off course also explore Ghana and all it has to offer – I can´t wait to finally see and live more of the African continent!

After Christmas I plan to change location, but where I go is still open. I have actually no idea! I love this feeling of freedom.

I will do a fulltime online course in journalism: four terms, six assignments in every term, and four exams before next June. Not to forget 26 books, or more than 11 kg of books, which I have to fit in my luggage. I know that studying on my own in a foreign country will be quite a challenge, but an interesting one. By combining my studies with living abroad I do not only get the chance to travel and explore, I will also learn a lot from using the locals news channels as a base for my assignments, and to be forced to use local sources.

I will also be blogging: about my life as an online journalism student for the school I study through: NKS online studies, and I will also update you all on Taste of Slow on my personal travel along with travel tips and veggie food tips. So make sure you follow along for an adventurous year! You can sign up for my newsletter to receive my monthly updates – just fill out to form in the sidebar.

Have you ever followed your big dream, and did it turn out as you thought it would?


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I´m an Oslo based web publisher with passion for communication, travel and a green lifestyle. When I travel, I prefer to go slow, sustainable, and “live like a local”. Why slow? It is about challenging the cult of speed, and to enjoy the small things in life and to live in the present.

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