Maasai Mara

I booked a trip with Pega tours in Nakuru to go to Maasai Mara. I joined a group tour seven other people, and I had a great stay!

I spend two nights there, and had one evening safari, one full day, and one in the morning. A lot of driving around on bumpy roads, and I saw a lot of animals. It was amazing to see all the wild animals that close-up, but it was also way too much cars driving close to the animals when there were something special to see. During the morning safari we spotted a group of lions eating a giraffe for breakfast!

The camp was good the food was very good – and I met a girl from austria which I had a good time with, so a perfect safari! Showers with spiders (just shower after dark without a flashlight and you wont even notice) and ants in your trousers – these things you get used to very quickly!

The best way of describing Maasai mara is just by uploading photos! Enjoy.

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