Market in Ljubljana – day 6 and 7. Relaxing and swimming on Brac.

 Day 6 and 7. Despite the warmest night ever in a room on the attic in hostel Celica in Ljubljana – I really loved the ambience of this hostel! Great location, a nice bar, vegetarian food, internet and friendly staff – in other words all you need! After breakfast we had a short walk in the city center. There are a big marked in the city, and I love strolling at markets to look at the people, veggies, fruit and all the other small things. The center along the river is cosy and worth a walk if you have the chance. Unfortunately I had only a few hours before we had to head for Croatia – but I got a brief impression from the city, and would love to see more of it.

When we crossed the the border over to Croatia I noticed a change in nature, we drove through bold mountain landscape which did not seem to be very fertile and green. We drove directly to Split where we observed the mass tourism – and we managed to spot the “party-tourists” from the Northern countries even before we heard them talking.

We took the ferry to Brac, a big island with about 14500 inhabitants. On the way onboard the ticket controller on the boat looked surprised on our car – “Vacation? In an ambulance? NICE!!!!”. We had a good laugh, our car do attract some attention, especially since we do a bit more sightseeing than the average Mongol rallier.

The main center of the island is Supetar, where the ferry enters the island. We stayed in a wonderful hotel with Branka and her family. We were warmly welcomed – first a guy on a scooter picked us on the ferry to show us the way, and then we were served cold drinks and got information about the hotel and the island. The economy of Brac is mostly based on tourism, but also from agriculture – especially wine and olives. We passed a woman who grew organically olives and capers – and we bought both of them. The capers were delicious, but the olives were really not eatable! Brac seems to me to be all about mass tourism, with neon signs and tourists shop all along the walking street by the sea out from Supetar center. However, the town of Supetar is so green and full of flowers and fruit trees, the beaches are beautiful, and I think the island has a lot to offer if you stay there and take the time to explore. I only had a few visits to the beach, and two lovely days relaxing at the hostel to catch up on emails and some writing and photo editing – and off course enjoying some great food!

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