Mongolia Rally Diary – Cooking Charity Chicks in action in Greece

Day 17. We passed quickly through Greece, but we had one night’s stopover at Kairos Gardens in Eleftheres. Tove is a Norwegian woman who has lived in Greece for years, and she runs this cozy guesthouse and restaurant that have a lot of Norwegian guests. When we visited there was a large group of Norwegian women – and we got a chance to be Cooking Charity Chicks in action for Tove´s guests. We got the chance to make whatever we wanted in the kitchen – only limited by the ingredients available. Nina is a big fan of Greek food, so off course we served Greek salad. We also had green bean salad, smoked aubergine dip with homemade mayonnaise, crispy potatoe boats – and some grilled meat and sardines for the meat-eaters (which was basically everybody but me). For dessert we made Superbra cookies – delicious muesli mixed with cookie dough served with yoghurt and honey. A perfect finish of a meal!

Tove and her guests were so happy about the meal – and so were we! After finishing in the kitchen it was out turn to taste and enjoy food served with wine, and everybody was very curious about the idea of driving an ambulance to Mongolia. “Why?” is always the big question. Well – we have our reasons: charity, and a great portion adventure off course.

As the village is situated only three kilometers from some nice beaches we were off course too tempted to just pass them without stopping. After a night of camping in the garden of the guest house we had a short car ride to the water – and cooled down in the water before we had yet another Greek salad and then headed off for Turkey and a three days break in one of my highlights on this trip: Istanbul.


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