Mongolia Rally Diary – day 8. Crossing over to Bosnia and a warm drive

Day 8. “Have a nice trip” said the man in the border control over to Bosnia. We drove off, excited to be in yet another new country. 15 seconds later Gro shouted “stop stop stop” from the back of the car, and she quickly jumped out the moment we stopped. The back of the car seemed to be filled with smoke – luckily nothing was on fire, but the air condition system was leaking gas. Lucky us – a garage 50 meters up the street and after being transferred to another garage in the neighborhood by some nice people the air condition was not fixed, but at least emptied for gas.

It was a warm drive that day with up to 47 degrees in the front of the car – and even warmer for the one sitting in the back. We had many breaks though, and we also had a stop in Mosti to see the famous old bridge Stair Most which the city is named after. During the war after the breakup of Yugoslavia the bridge was destroyed by the Croatian forces, and was then re-built of the old stones after the war.

After a short walk in Mosti we had lunch at a cozy restaurant by the river. We followed a small alley to the end of a row of restaurants, and discovered a backyard without too much people – and delicious food! They even had vegetarian options on the menu, and I got some delicious grilled mushrooms.  We summarized the happenings of the day and tested our new air condition system  – of the manual kind though….

After another hour in the car we saw people swimming – very tempting for three warm girls….We parked the car by the road side, jumped in the bikini in the back of the car and ran down to the water for a swim. Chilling and refreshing!



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