Mongolia Rally Diary – day 1. London to Saint Maximine.

Day 1. Leaving London was just a good and exciting feeling – even though I had to say goodbye to my brother and a bunch of friends, knowing that I won´t see any of them for three months! However, I have been away for months before – and I know that I actually never have the time to miss all those people and things at home because it is so much new and exciting experiences ahead.

The official launch was not as big as I expected – it is a total of 32 cars driving Mongolia Charity Rally this year, but only 12 joined this day. We were fed with t-shirts and stickers for the car, and with a few wise words from previous drivers of the rally we were ready to head off. After a show-off round in the safari park were the launch were held we formed a line of cars and had a few minutes for the last hugs and goodbyes.

I missed those special butterflies in the stomach when we took off. Probably because we had planned this for so long – and according to me we are way too prepared for this adventure. I have actually never ever had a budget before, and now we have a budget, loads of equipment for the car, a route and a time table! A flexible one though.

The first day we headed for France and Saint Maximine to visit a friend of one of my team mates. Crossing over from England to France was an exciting experience since it was my very first trip with the Euro tunnDespite a GPS we drove in circles for an hour extra to get there due to road work (and a GPS which was not updated) – but we had a great evening with Aundrey and the wonderful meal she had prepared for us with veggies and French cheeses!

Have you ever dreamed about driving the Mongolia Charity Rally or Mongol Rally?


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