Mongolia Rally Diary – day 4 – Italy. Wine tasting and camping.

Day 4. We had a late start from the hostel, with to geeks on the team we need some time to catch up on the internet and update blogs. It keeps amazing me how dependent I am on the internet for so many things: updating blogs is one thing – but also checking mails, staying updated on news and most of all: getting information and checking whatever strikes my mind!

We went to Asti in Piemonte to visit Trond and Roald, two Norwegians who run the winery Cascina Desderi. The wine farm is situatet on top of a hill, and I love the country side of Italy, it is so charming! The houses were totally renovated when they took over the winery, and in front there is a swimming pool and a wonderful view over the valley and the wine ranks. We were invited to join a group of tourists for wine tasting, and was guided through colour, smell and tasting of white, rosé and red wines.

In addition to arranging wine tasting of their products they also have accomondation, and they offer cooking classes. For more information, visit their webpage.

After walking around on a big supermarket with a wide selctions of food we don’t get at home for hours we managed to get going towards the Garda sea and our first night of camping. We reached the destination after dark, but managed to set up our camp for the night in total dark with headlights. Ten minutes later the sky opened, and rain poured down – and we imagined a wet night in the tents. We had to cook though, and with a car full of risotto and some fresh veggies from the supermarket we had a delicious but late dinner.


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