Mongolia Rally Diary – day 5. Lake Garda and a five course meal in Ljubljana.

Our first night of camping was rather good, despite the strong wind that threatened blowing us away during night. After a quick camping breakfast of porridge, fruit and coffee we went to the historical part of Simione to see the castle and the ruins from the Romans from around year 500.

We decided to do Lake Garda by boat instead of by foot. Our boat driver Gianni did not speak much English, but we had a great and refreshing half hour on the lake with a good overview of the island before we enjoyed our last bite of Italian ice cream and headed for Slovenia.

We drove directly to Ljubljana, which with its 272 000 inhabitants is the only Slovenian city which classifies as a large town. Slovenia was part of Yugoslavia until 1991, when they became independent. We stayed in hostel Celica in Metelkova – a social centre in the city center of Ljubljana. It is located on the site of former military barracks, and was squatted in 1993. It is named after the nearby street Metelkove ulica. A range of activities take place in Metelkova from art galleries, bars, artist studios, cultural organisations, concerts and anti-racist activities.

In the evening we went up to Ljubljana Castle (Ljubljanski grad), a medieval castle located on the Castle Hill which dominated the city center. From the city you can use the funicular to get up, or you can take the walking path or go by car. From the top you have a beautiful view over the city, and there is also a great restaurant serving traditional Slovenian food.

As I travel with two chefs who went for the gourmet menu of the restaurant – a five course meal, I decides to make my own five course vegetarian meal to get a glimpse of the vegetarian side of Slovenian food.  It was way too much food since they didn’t adapt the portions to a five course meal, and I discovered that they use a lot of chees!

During the meal the weather changed dramatically, and we experienced a summer storm with thunder and heavy rain from the top of the hill. It was amazing how the sky was lit by the lightening! We got back to the hotel without getting soaked wet, and had the warmest night ever in a room with no open windows due to the heavy rain.

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