Mongolia Rally Diary – From dream to reality

55 days before. I was so excited the first time I heard about the charity rally which cross 1/3 of Earth´s surface. Within a few days I had read everything I could find about the rally, and I had decided: I have to do this! Finding adventurous companions should be easy I thought – who´s not dreaming about adventures like this? Crossing the world in a car without knowing what´s meeting you around the next turn? It showed out to be not that many….

A year later the team was set. After months of my enthusiastic small talk about the rally my flat mate Nina was convinced. She´s been roaming the world before, and she became a charity rally missionary like me. When our friend Gro stayed with us for a few months last summer she also understood that this is more than just a crazy long drive: It is the adventure of your life, combined with the chance to help people who is less fortunate in a materialistic point of few than people born in Norway. The team was set: two chefs and a food safety microbiologist – ready to taste their way through the world, all for charity!

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