Mongolia Rally Diary – The Cooking Charity Chicks is born

44 days before. The team was set, and we all had ideas and dreams about this trip. How should we get the money to do implement the idea to reality? How do we get a sponsor? What kind of a car do we need? Which causes do we want to support?

We focused on the most important thing first: we needed sponsors and money! Food was important in our planning from the beginning. Initially we were dreaming about (or was it just me?) driving a kitchen van, and make food with locals along the way. Building a kitchen van may be expensive, and how useful is it in Mongolia? Well, and ambulance IS more useful…no doubt. First idea rejected – and we found a better way to involve food: dining events could be a wonderful opportunity for us to make lots of money with two chefs on the team! Since this is all for charity we formed a non-profit organization: the Cooking Charity Chicks was born!

Our idea was easily turned into practice: the wonderful chef Bent Stiansen who owns one of Oslo´s best restaurants Statholdergaarden (and happens to be Nina´s boss), offered us to use his restaurant the days it is usually closed. Up to now we have had two charity dinners and one charity brunch, and we have earned 9000 Euros for the project! We have also got great sponsors who contribute with money or with ingredients for our charity dinners, and I´m proud to days that the project is so far running smooooth!

What is the coolest road trip you´ve ever done?

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