Mongolia Rally Diary – The route

33 days before. Going from England to Mongolia gives you the opportunity to explore large parts of the Eurasian continent! There are several opportunities for the route, depending on your goal: you want to drive as short as possible, or you want to see as much as possible? My team agreed: we want to see as much as possible! Most of my long travels have been to a totally different continent: Africa. This time I´m ready to explore great parts of Europe, and then slowly making my way to countries I have only heard mentioned before – and never given much thought of even reading about them! All of a sudden I plan to use 70 days of my life to drive through these parts of the world. How I love the surprises of life!

So where will we drive? We will pass through 19 countries, needing a visa for 8 of them. Luckily, we have the wonderful people of Privjet sponsor our visas, and they work out the whole procedure for us.  We will go from Norway to England to have a common start of the rally with the other teams the 7th of July, and then we will drive as follows:

England – France – Italy – Slovenia – Croatia – Bosnia-Hercegovina – Montenegro – Albania – Macedonia – Bulgaria – Turkey – Iran – Turkmenistan – Uzbekistan – Kirgisistan – Kazakhstan – Russia – Mongolia

70 days, 19 countries, 1/3 of earth´s surface on four wheels.
What a lovely adventure!


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