Photo Essay – Mountains and fjords in Norway

Last weekend I spent in my hometown Ålesund, combining a weekend with my family with a job meeting the two following days. I had some great outdoor trips these days, and I will share some of the wonderful nature sights you can experience this wonderful city and its surroundings.

The first day we went on a sea rafting trip, speeding across the fjords from Ålesund to Øye. The most fascinating scenery starts as you enter the Hjørundfjord, and you move between the mighty steep mountains. It was lots of fun to ride a RIB boat for the first time! We had to wear warm clothes though, as the temperature was down to around 5 degrees.

October 2008 from the mountain at Veibust

Mountains - 20141117_145647 (2)

Mountains - 20141117_151529

Mountains - 20141117_145727

Mountains - 20141117_145655

In Øye we had a short stop to visit the historical Union Øye hotel. The hotel is situated in Norangsfjorden, and has been running since 1891.

Øye - 20141117_151539

Øye - 20141117_151619

Øye - 20141117_151838

Øye - 20141117_152359

On our way back the sun was setting, and the landscape was even more beautiful coloured in yellow and orange on our way back to the city centre of Ålesund.

Sunset - 20141117_163743

Vegsund - 20141117_164337

Ålesund and Sukkertoppen - 20141117_170034_LLS

Ålesund by night - 20141118_081403

If you want to experience Ålesund and surroundings by sea, you may find what you need at 62˚NORD. I have no personal experience with booking through them, but they offer trips in RIB boats and lots of other activities around Ålesund.


The next day we were visiting an island outside Ålesund called Godøya. Here you find two lighthouses that have been important sign marks for the seamen for decades. At Hogstein lighthouse you have a view towards the city and the island Sula: There is also a historical burial mound from year 345-400, and you will find more of these all along the Norwegian coast.

Hogstein - 20141118_110327

Hogstein - 20141118_111624

Hogstein - selfie -   20141118_112405

Hogstein - 20141118_112533

Hogstein - 20141118_112057

In Alnes you find one of the most known lighthouses in this area, and the wild nature combined with the relaxed atmosphere makes it a fascinating place, no matter what kind of weather. It is a nice area to walk or hike when the weather is nice, and a fascinating place to watch the powers of nature when there are a storm.

Alnes - 20141118_145106

Alnes - 20141118_121103

All photos are taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note.

After a taste of the scenery, are you tempted to visit the mountains and fjords of Norway?


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