Photo Essay – Murchison Falls

A weekend during my stay in Uganda I went on a trip to Murchison falls national park. I went on an organized trip with a company called the Red Chili, and ended up in a car with five other norwegians!! I had a great trip, the camp was good, and a lot of nice people. We did not spot as much animals as in Maasai Mara, and I was not as excited to see a lion 50 meters away after watching the lions having their breakfast just a few weeks before. The boat trip on the Nile to see the falls were nice, and we experienced how quickly it can change from sunshine to heavy rain! What I really enjoyed about this trip was to get so close to the clumsy but charming hippos and watch the crocodiles kind of close. I had a great weekend with excellent company, and the Red Chili is a great option for an organised tour from Kampala – and also a great place to sleep to meet other travellers for a beer or a nice chat.

Have you ever been on safari in Uganda? How was your experience?

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