Nairobi – city life and visiting the giraffe centre

I spent my last few days in Nairobi with Sarha, Anne, James and Urbanus. It was indeed some great days enjoying some big-city life and walking in the wonderful parks. We stayed in Africana, and had a good laugh about the rooms….the shower and the toilet worked in both – not too bad! My bed was hard as a rock,  Sarah´s bed was smelly but very soft. We both chose to keep it as it were. It´s something about hotels in Africa – you know what you have, but have no idea what you might get!

It was time to do some shopping, and I bargained rudely in the Maasai market. To my luck it started raining, so they were eager to sell as much as possible before they had to pack up. We had long walks in Uhuru park and the Abboretum, enjoyed lots of nice food and had some beers. We planned to go to the cinema – but when they told us that the start of the movie depended on how many people were there, we disappeared quickly.  We had a visit to the eastern part of town – I had asked James so many times why he had instructed me to get off the bus before the Country bus station, so he decided to take us there so I could judge for myself. We met a pretty chaotic bus station, everybody eager to get you into almost empty buses. It would take the whole day to fill up most of them! We had an interesting walk through parts of town that we most likely wouldn´t have seen without our local “guide”, and we also passed through the large wakulima market on the way back to the city centre.

Then we went off to the giraffe centre outside Nairobi. It was wonderful to see the giraffes so close-up, and I even got a giraffe kiss from Daisy. We spent a few hours watching the giraffes and taking a walk in the forest next to the centre.  In the evening we had a great dinner in a club outside town. Urbanus ad his kids were so nice and picked me in town with all my luggage, and then brought us to the restaurant. Great fish and a large plate of ugali, but it was kind of sad to have my last moments with my friends before my flight just hours later….but I really appreciated all of them joining me in Nairobi for the last days. I have enjoyed so many great moments in Kenya – and it is all in my heart forever!

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