Naro Moru – volunteering with Help Self Help Centre

I have now arrived in Naro Moru where I will stay with an organization called Help Self Help Centre (HSHC). This is a Kenyan NGO working with themes like sustainable agriculture, natural recourse management and business management for farmers – among several things. They are also producing bio-diesel and oil for foods on a commercial basis. Naro Moru is based close to Mount Kenya, and is one of the most used starting points for climbing the mountain.

I stay in a guesthouse in their compound 6 km outside Naro Moru town. It is a quiet place, maybe a bit too quiet, so I will do some travelling during weekends. There is also another volunteer staying here, and one of the staff. The people in the organization and the factory are friendly and helpful, and even though there is no set program I think I will learn some things from my stay – and hopefully a few will learn that there may be microbes in the irrigation water as well.  The guesthouse is nice, a big room and best of all: a good bed! And almost no mosquitos or big bugs! Miriam is cooking all the meals for us, and there is a water filter so I don’t have to buy all the water. The network is not so good here, outside its ok, on top of the ramp for watertanks very good, and also at a few hotspots inside the house, mostly close to the window. There is not much going on around the compound, so Ive already bee to town a few times. There are matatus all day, but it includes a lot of waiting for it to come, or to be filled up so we can leave. Its easier to use the bodabodas, the motorbikes, but more expensive (8 kroner one way). Jan, the other volunteer, showed me a nice place selling fruit salads, it was just a small shop with lots of fruits and a few chairs to sit down and eat. Will definitely visit this place every time Im in town!

A week has almost passed, and for the weekend I will go to Nakuru to visit some friends. Have a nice weekend all of you!

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