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Before I arrived Accra I had discovered Nima Walking Tours online, and from their website I could see that they had good references and a very interesting walk. I also knew that I would stay in Nima my first days, because I have friends in that area. By then I had no idea that Nima would actually be my new home for the next six months!

By chance I got in touch with Charles, who runs the walking tour, via Couchsurfing. I needed help to find a place to stay, and used all possible social media channels to get connections. Charles offered to help me, and he picked me in my hotel and showed me a place and helped me to work everything out – and thanks to Charles I´m now settled in Nima.

A few days later I did the walking tour with Charles. He met me in Nima roundabout, and started telling me about the history of Nima and how it grew up as a suburb of Accra. He is very knowledgeable about Nima and the people who settled here, and you will get a unique chance to learn how people in this poor part of Accra live.

Charles walked me through the streets, and then through the fascinating Nima market. He introduced me to his friends that we passed on the way, and I had a chance to ask about all the food stuff in the market. We passed by a compound to meet his friends and have some refreshments – and then he took me to his mother´s place to see how they make the traditional fufu. It is a lot of work, where they pound plantains and cocoyam until it becomes a firm, sticky ball – and the pounding process may take up to 45 minutes. He also took me to his house to show me how he lives and explain you how most people in this area live their lives.

I am so grateful for this introduction to Nima – which will be my home for the next six months. Charles is a very good and professional guide, and you can trust that he will take good care of you. I will definitely hire Charles again for any tour in Accra and Ghana. His prices are also fair (in my opinion on the cheap side).

I want to emphasize that this is not a sponsored post, it is merely a good chance for me to support a small-scale and sustainable business who have a good effect on the poor area of Nima. This area has a bad reputation of being “unsafe”, but the fact is that the area has changed a lot over the years – and in my opinion this is not more unsafe than any big city in the world. Visiting Nima will just give you a reality check on how people actually live their lives, and hopefully make you more aware of appreciating what you have.

Make sure you don´t miss the dancing children you pass by – unlike the general Ghanian you pass in Nima the children LOVE when you take their photo or film them. Make sure to you show them the result to see their happy faces.

Check out these playful dancing children

Have you done a great walking tour which supports the locals anywhere in the world?


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