Pai – lovely bungalow, swimming pool and True Bee muay thai

I arrived Pai on monday. My plan was to just stop over for a night. I got stuck. I have a really nice bungalow, a swimmingpool 200 metres from where I live, I work out at TrueBee Muay Thai gym every morning, have met some nice people – and I have a really good time. Now it´s friday, and tomorrow I really have to leave to be sure to catch my flight from Bangkok on monday. I don´t really trust everything to go smooth all the way. So tomorrow I have my last muay thai training, then I leave 13:00 with a bus – and will arrive in Bangkok sunday morning. I really don´t want to leave – but I´m not sure if it is because I really like it here or if it is bacause I´m going home….

When I arrived Pai I went to the Sun Hut, which was recommended by some people that Nina had met. I really loved it! A lot of trees and plants all over, small bungalows and a nice restaurant area. My bungalow was so cosy and had a veranda with a hammock. Even the aunts on the bathroom were really tiny and cute! The lady who runs it, Nit, was very nice and spoke well English. If somebody is going to Pai I really recommend to stay at the Sun Hut! It was about 15 minutes walk outside town. The town is small, and it is known to be kind of a hippie hangout with a lot of backpackers. Not special in any way, but I liked it. I met some nice girls at my guesthouse which I spend some time with, Harald from the elephantcamp was in the area, I met Nina and Duncan from Cavelodge, and Pai is so small that you keep bumping into the people you´ve met all the time. There were a swimming pool 200 metres from my bungalow, and I was there every day. The water was ice cold, so just a dip kept me real cool for a while. A really relaxing place, cool music and great banana shake!

I also found a place to work, True Bee Muay Thai. A bit different from sinbi, but the trainers and the guys who worked out there were nice. And a break is a break! The first time I was there and the trainer said “break” I asked “pushups or situps?”, and he said “no, break!” and between every round of padwork the trainer poured water over you and gave massage of arms and shoulders. I like that! I paid only 250 baht every session, half of in the south, and I did the morning session every day – then I could spend all day at the pool, around in the city, bicycling, and I could eat my sweet roti pancake with banana, egg, sweet condensed milk and sugar every night with clear conscience. There were a lot of waterfalls and opportunities for hiking and trekking, but I just did some small trips on my bike in the area and went up to the temple in the hills. Every day I just pushed my plans to leave one more day ahead, and my plan of one day in Pai ended up in six days.

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