Finally ready for a long vacation again! After a nice Christmas at home I headed for Paris, to spend a few days before I continued to Mali. I couchsurfed with Jean Philippe the two nights I stayed there,  and it was really nice to try the opposite of hosting – since I actually haven´t surfed much  before, only hosted.  I stayed in a huge and nice apartment in the centre of Paris. The first night I just stayed in with JP and two other surfers which stayed there – dinner, wine and talking, a perfect start of my trip!

I walked a lot around in Paris the next day, enjoying the first impression of a new city and enjoying cappuccinos in small cafes. Some redwine to forget the pain from blisters – then continue walking. I really liked Paris, but I would rather see it again in summer when everything is green and the sun is shining – now everything was kind of grey. After a long day I followed the advice of a local and had a crepe at “au petit grec” in rue mouffetard – which I was told was a must to try. The cheese-crepe was yummy!  In the evening I went out with JP and a friend of his for a few beers, and had a really good time. Finally ready for Mali!

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