Photo Essay: Chale Wote

Last weekend I visited the Chale Wote street art festival in the streets of James Town, between the Usher Fort and the Light House. This was the third year the festival is on, and the first time the festival had a two days program.

Chale Wote means “Man, let´s go!”, or it may also be a reference to slippers worn on the feet. The mission of the festival is to show that each of us has their own path in life, but we all have something to contribute. The festival aims to promote alternative art to encourage Ghanaians to appreciate the diverse universe of art. The festival exhibitions include street painting, stencil work, sidewalk painting and chalk art, graffiti murals, skate stunting party, a film festival, a pocket park, live music performances, the spoken word, experimental theater and more.

The event is hosted by Accra[dot]Alt in association with several sponsors – along with the energy and creativity of young people in Ghana, ranging from artists, musicians, filmmakers, writers, designers, students to people who just want to make a difference and support the initiative.

I had a great day roaming the streets of James Town to enjoy the acrobatics of street artists, listening to music, shopping colorful pieces from the artistic stands, see street art painters in action, walking on the beach of James Town, enjoying a delicious soy kebab, talk to people and just soak up the atmosphere of the festival. You should visit next time!

Have you visited some exciting street art festivals around the world?

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