Travel Photo – Bicycling in Soweto

If you want a feel of the history of South Africa, Soweto may be one of the areas you should visit. I went there for a bike ride, and had an interesting time with my guide Nkululeko. Soweto is one of the townships in Johannesburg, and was a township built to house black people who worked for the white in Johannesburg during apartheid. Our bike ride took us around a small part of the huge area of almost 2 million people (I´m not sure of the exact number), and which became known to the world during the student riots in 1976 when more than 500 of 10 000 demonstrating teenagers were shot and killed. Soweto has also been one of the main seats for anti-apartheid campaigns, and has been the home to known personalities like Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu.

Do you have a favorite memory from South Africa?


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