Travel Photo – Windmill

I have always had a fascination for windmills, especially the old ones that you find in the villages along the coast of Denmark. Originally the windmills were used for milling grain and pumping water. The windmill is known to go back as far as to the first century in Greece, and it has been used in the ancient Tibet and China since the fourth century.

The modern windmills – or more correctly wind turbins – are used for producing electricity, and this photo is from the windmills in the west of Norway, just outside Sandnes. They are pretty impressing when you stand right under them, looking up on the rotors! All though Norway has a long coast line and have a lot of wind, only about 1% of our total energy use derives from wind power, while in Europe 6.3% of the total energy derives from wind.
Photo: Sandnes, Norway 2011.

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