Photo Essay – Camden Market

I remember Camden town as one of the highlights from my first visit in London about more than years ago – I was so excited to have found the coolest place on earth!  I had not done much travelling by then, and loved the exotic mix of people, stalls and small shops that Camden offered.

Since then I have been several times in London, and all though I have found a lot of “coolest place on earth” places around the world since then, I always love to come back to Camden – exploring the markets, enjoying great street food and having some fun at a bar. My last visit was no exception. I was in London for the launch of the Mongolia Charity Rally, and as I have the very best friends – nine of them joined us to wave us off for the great adventure. Camden is such a great place to hang out, and there is always a new alley you have never discovered before or another charming old house you haven`t noticed.

Camden market is actually several sections of markets on both sides of the Regent´s Canal. If you´re looking for some special clothes, shoes or accessorize you will find loads of it here, along with piercing and tattoo shops, general bric-brac and all kinds of t-shirts with prints. There is also shops and stalls selling crafts and art – and loads of delicious street food which will absolutely not ruin your budget.

Have you been to Camden? What is your favorite thing about this colorful spot of London?



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