ROSA project and visiting implementation sites

ROSA – Resource-Oriented Sanitation concepts for peri-urban areas in Africa.  This is a research project funded by EU to implement principles of sustainable sanitation in four African countries: Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. They also include a lot of local partners in the funding and implementation.
During the first week I was shown around on different implementations sites, some under construction and some not yet started. Hopefully I will be able to see the development when Im back in Nakuru in February!

It is really terrible to see how some people live here, and how little they actually have. Running water in the outskirts of town are almost non-excisting. Most people buy water from stations, but they can only buy it once or twice a week. Even the houses with running water experience lack of water. It really makes you think about all the minor problems you are complaining about at home (gaffatape all over your 1,5 sq.m  bathroom is actually a good thing – because you have a bathroom!!)

The people in the ROSA office have been really nice to me. They have taken me around to see the sites, told me a lot about their work and answered all my questions, shown me some of the city, come with me on sightsing and joined me for lunch. Ive had a great week!

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