First meeting with Egerton and sampling greywater

After arriving Egerton Sunday I startet out the week with sampling greywater with James and Laura. James is doing his PH. D in greywater and will set up constructed wetlands to treat the water with the intention of reuse. Laura is fro Germany and she is doing her diploma here in Egerton. They are sampling from households around in Nakuru, and its not always an easy job. People get water once or twice a week, so you cannot be sure where to find it. People are really gathering and the kids are very curious when there is something going on, and when there four of us white people they were really excited!

After sampling we went back to the campus and the lab. Its a small lab and a lot going on, so I did not join Laura for the analysis. Hopefully next monday there will be less crowded! I also met Veronica, one of the masterstudents in the same project. She is working with vegetables and use sewage water as a fertilizer, then do analysis for both microbiologi and nutrients. A lot of exciting stuff!!!

We had a walk around campus, I tasted the yoghurt produced at the university, and then off to town to say hello to the people in the ROSA office. A lot of new faces and names!

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